ÍST 85:2012 (e)


Gildistaka - 20.12.2012

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Jafnlaunakerfi - Kröfur og leiðbeiningar

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Equal pay management system - Requirements and guidance



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Umfang (scope):

An equal wage standard gives organisations and institutions an opportunity to establish, implement, maintain and improve their management of equal wage affairs and, as applicable, obtain certification that women and men working for the organisation enjoy equal wages and the same employment terms for the same jobs or jobs of equal value. An equal wage standard aims at the implementation of targeted and professional means of determining wages, active review and continual improvement of the execution of the equal wage policy within organisations/institutions that choose to utilise the standard. Generally speaking, the activities falling within the scope of the registration number of the organisation in question shall be included. The standard can be used by organisations regardless of size, business activity and role and the proportion of men and women in the workplace. In organisations and institutions where the gender proportion is very different by department or work groups it shall be ensured that the same methods are used in determining wages. The standard specifies requirements of an equal wage system that enable an organisation to develop and implement a policy and objectives regarding gender wage equality with reference to legal requirements and other requirements to which the organisation is subject and information on the factors that impact wage formation in the organisation. The standard itself does not lay down any specific criteria regarding performance in equal wage affairs. This standard can be applied in any organisation that wishes to establish, implement, maintain and improve its management of equal wage affairs and/or obtain certainty that its business activity complies with its declared equal wage policy. An organisation that believes itself to fulfil these requirements can: a) verify itself whether requirements are fulfilled and declare that to be the case; or b)  seek confirmation that the requirements are fulfilled from interested parties, such as employee representatives; or c)  seek certification from a competent body of its equal wage system. All the requirements of this Equal Wage Standard should be integrated into the organisation’s wage management. Annex A to this standard provides guidance on its use.
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